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on ramp

CrossFit Echo's On Ramp program is a series of 6 introductory classes over a 2 week period, that will familiarize you with what CrossFit is all about. You will learn basic functional movements, proper mechanics and techniques taught by certified CrossFit trainers. During the 2 weeks, we will teach you 9 exercises that are all functional movements (movements used in everyday life), skill work, plenty of practice time, and will put you through basic workouts. Each session will be approximately 1 hour in length, and consist of movement explanations, skill practice, warm-up, WOD (Workout of the Day), cool down, and Q & A.

Members must go through CrossFit Echo's On Ramp program before attending a Group class. All 6 classes must be taken consecutively over the 2 week period. This may be more aggressive than other CrossFit facilities, but we don't think so. 6 classes over 14 days is easy! Plus we want to get you into the Group classes as soon as possible and experience all that CrossFit as to offer!

On Ramp classes are offered frequently. Upon successful completion you will be able to attend our Group classes.

The cost of the On Ramp program is $99

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