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Zack attended Endicott College and has a Bachelor’s in Physical Education. He has his CrossFit Level 1 Certificate and his CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate. Although he enjoys long walks on the beach, he also loves lifting heavy weights. While he does stay up-to-date with Star Wars trivia, there’s nothing he likes more than finding out new information that he can bring to the gym.

Zack has played soccer throughout his life; and brings that competitiveness into the gym where he can consistently push himself to get better, and help those around him to accomplish their goals.

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Andrew's hometown is Ludlow and he is proud to bring the CrossFit program to the people of this community. Growing up and being active in team sports like baseball, Andrew knows the importance of staying healthy and fit. He is an avid golfer and has entered Long Drive competitions with successful shots of over 390 yards! Andrew is consistently striving to better himself through education and commitment to the CrossFit program.

"​I was spinning my tires for years running on a treadmill for 20-30 minutes, lifting weights like millions of others and just not getting the results I wanted. A couple years ago I discovered CrossFit and it drastically changed my life! I am in better shape in just two years of CrossFit, than 15 years using traditional methods. My goal now is to help others discover as I did, how life-changing the CrossFit program is!"



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