forging elite fitness

​​​550 Center Street, Ludlow MA. 01056 US



From the beginning, the aim of CrossFit has been to forge a broad, general, and inclusive fitness. To build a program that would best prepare trainees for any physical contingency - prepare them not only for the unknown but for the unknowable!

CrossFit Echo is bringing this amazing fitness program to Ludlow! This revolutionary program is comprised of workouts that are Constantly Varied, executed with High Intensity, and performed with Functional Movements! What are Functional Movements? They are compound movements or multi-joint movements like pushing, pulling, squatting, running, jumping. They are natural, effective, and efficient movements that mimic everyday life!

What does this mean for you? It means you will never get bored because our workouts are never the same, always challenging, and always fun!

CrossFit is a "complete" fitness program that increases your capacity in 10 recognized fitness domains!

CrossFit is "FITNESS"!